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In Uncategorized on March 22, 2011 at 3:22 pm

Welcome to a brand new blogsite for Brink Collective. Its March right now and Brink is coming out of hibernation to bring you something fairly exciting!! The Missing Brink – The Untold Stories of Great Southern Artists is well and truly in the pipeline and we want YOU to be a part of it. We are currently calling out for expressions of interest so don’t forget to check out the projects tab.

So… Whats going on in the world of youth arts?… Well, there are a few things. First and foremost the time for National Youth Week is very, very close, in fact its only a week and a bit away and the Great Southern is celebrating by holding the Funtastical Youth Festival on the 2nd of april starting at 12 pm. There will be a Skate Comp, Live Music, Mocktails and Youth Radio by the Albany Youth Advisory Counsel, Crazy Makeover Salon by Headspace Great Southern, Youth Markets, Free Access to the Pool, Zumba and other things at ALAC and more!! come along, we will miss you if you cant come. Headspace Great Southern is also holding workshops for those interested in learning theatre makeup techniques on Monday, March 28th Email Brink to get the details on that.
Also, its not too late to get involved in the coordination of youth week. We have Youth Week Planing Meeting scheduled for tomorrow (wednesday the 23rd) afternoon at 4pm at the YMCA (behind dog rock, next to woolies, go around the back and up the ramp) , again Email Brink if you need further directions etc.

What else? Well the one and only Poppy Van Oorde Grainger is coming to town again soon to do some stop motion animation with light boxes and sand for a Southern Edge Arts production. workshops start on 26th april and finish 6th

Now for some general arts news The Centennial art prize opens soon, on Thursday 14th April 5.30pm at Centennial Oval Hall to be exact. if you want to come along, RSVP to the Vancouver Arts Centre 9841 9260 (they are looking for volunteers, give em a call if your interested).

thats all we have tonight, more arts news coming soon. remember, if you have any youth or arts news email us at and let us know, or just send us a friendly message. Also, dont forget you can become a member of brink collective. see our about page for details.



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